Cardio Club

Ditch the cheesy choreography and environmentally unfriendlly DVD's for an online workout from our online Cardio Collection. If you have questions about how to fit into those skinny jeans or have any questions our instructors can be contacted via EMG live chat and email.  Be sure to read reviews from people who adore EMG Live Fitness.

Here's the EMG breakdown:


Fit Goal Just Starting Out

For those of you getting back into the fitness groove, first check with your doctor. Secondly - No one ever starts out being able to take a class all the way through the first time...or even the second time.  Remember to work your way up to a full class. 

Recommended Classes:

  • Bosu Class:  Do this class without the Bosu! Try i4 times without weights...then add weights in small intervals.
  • Barre:  Take this class without equipment, just work your way up.
  • Spin:  Pedal at your own pace! This class can be easily modified while burning lots of calroies.
  • Simple Tone: 1/2 hour toning class.  Taking this class 3 times a week will build your strength quickly.
  • Yoga & Pilates: Use blocks and a stretching strap.  Take this class slow and your flexibility will increase in no time.


Fit Goal Calorie Cruncher            
Is your fitness mission to burn calories? These classes burn upward of 500 calories an hour. Using a heart rate monitor will determine your aerobic heart rate zone.

Recommended Classes:

  • Spin: The maximum calorie burning class in our studio! Throw on your heart rate montitor and you will burn the max amount of calories!
  • Piloxing: The union of Pilates & Boxing! This class will keep your heart rate since you will be using all your muscles the entire session!
  • Bosu: When you use a Bosu Ball or a Step for this class, your heart rate will go up.  1/2 hour of aerobics and 1/2 hour of toning
  • Kickboxing: Keep your back straight and put some ooomph in those punches & kicks.


Fit Goal Tone
These are all progressive classes - Start light and work your way up. 

Recommended Classes:

  • V-Core: Barefoot Balance using your own weight to challenge body parts.
  • Barre: Barefoot Class to Strenghten & Tone.
  • Bosu: 1/2 hour of aerobics and 1/2 hour of toning.
  • Simple Tone: Add weights to make it as challenging as you would like.



A Wonderful Email From One of Our New Customers About Barre & Piloxing with Jeni-Fit

Hi Jenifer!

Thanks for shipping the Piloxing gloves - I'm looking forward to using them.

I love your classes! I take both Piloxing and Jeni-Barre twice a week. I started right at Christmas and I cannot believe how different my body looks in three months. Who knew I had glutes? Well, everyone now (thanks to your many reminders to work them!). The classes are really easy to follow at home (not easy as in I'm not sweating but clear and easy to follow). I never worry about hurting myself during your classes because I understand what I'm supposed to be doing. I know this is a small thing but I also like your music choices (a good mix of new and old). I had begun to give up hope of finding a class that I enjoyed so much - let alone finding two! Your energy and enthusiasm is much appreciated. I always feel great after your class (tired & sweaty & great).

Look forward to seeing you in class!