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About Us

Want to know what EMG Stands For?  Scroll down to find out!


EMG Live Fitness is an online fitness studio, streaming live exercise classes from our cardio collection around the globe.  Highly sought out instructors conducting classes from their studios are transported directly into your home.

EMG Live Fitness is a technological breakthrough for the fitness industry.  The evolution of Live Streaming has made it possible for EMG to give you access to live and on demand classes.  Watch classes as they fit to your schedule.  Classes being held in New York City, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam can be streamed to you.  When the at home student joins a class they become a member of a global fitness movement.        


EMG is taking advantage of a growing trend away from “big box gyms” and moving towards “singular event” classes (like Yoga and Cycling) which are held in standalone studios.  We bring many studios to one place.  EMG Live Fitness is the platform where students can select from multiple genres without commitment to a singular gym and without traveling from place to place.


Pristine beach paths and mountain trails are not always a short car ride away and gyms aren't an environmentally responsible choice.  Those flat screen TVs, ellipticals, and treadmills in gyms are energy intensive! Green your workout by streaming online fitness classes and using a stationary bike.  Our fitness classes require minimum to zero equipment for classes, sneakers aren’t even required for some of our classes.  Online workouts reduce fuel costs and vehicle usage along with time traveling to and from gyms.  Streaming prevents the consumption and waste of fitness DVDS, which end up in landfills. Throw on those bamboo yoga pants and sip from a nalgene water bottle and you're ready for an eco-workout.      

EMG is the brainchild of a self proclaimed fitness and class groupie, Joyce Wells.   Joyce fused her background in technology and love of exercise to create EMG Live Fitness.  For more than a decade, Joyce has engaged in fitness classes and developed friendships with numerous instructors worldwide.  Joyce designed EMG to benefit students and instructors.  EMG Live Fitness is a Woman Owned Company based in New Jersey. 

When you purchase an online fitness class, EMG Live Fitness donates an online fitness class to a shelter or health organization to help those in need find live healthier and build empowerment. To learn more please watch Workout This WAY. 


What does EMG mean?  What do the initials mean?

On this Mother’s Day, 2013 I decided to make public the significance of the EMG in EMG Live Fitness.


I grew up on the north shore of Long Island and was raised with my 3 sisters by a single mom.  She didn’t choose to be a working mom; rather she was thrust into it due to unfortunate circumstances that left my father unable to be part of our family.  But she never hesitated for a second…at least we didn’t see it…to step up and find 3 jobs to take care of us.  Somehow she managed to send us to private school until high school.  Somehow, we all grew up with a great work ethic, a belief we could do whatever we set out minds to and belief in ourselves to take a chance.  This is where EMG comes in. 

When my mother turned 75, we had a conversation that surprised me.  She said that she regrets never really doing anything.  Not having anything that she could call her own, that she created and she built.  I reminded her of the legacy she had in raising 4 successful happy women.   She understood, but still I felt that although she had no regrets, she wished there was more.  She died suddenly a month later.  She had a very rough life, where she struggled constantly.  Her death was peaceful.  She wasn’t ill, she died at age 75 in her easy chair, watching Oprah, with her glasses on her nose and a magazine on her chest.  She went to sleep and never woke up.  Hard for us, great for her.

And enter EMG Live Fitness.  EMG stands for EMma’s Girls.  When I started this business it was about bringing great fitness and health to moms and families no matter where they are.  I strive to give moms, trying hard to build healthy families, another fun way to access great fitness classes with taking minimum time away from their families.  No GUILT!  However, personally, I also wanted to create a business that had my mother’s name in it and one that would be a legacy for her.  By raising us and spending her life helping us create our lives, I want to create a business, that will be a legacy for her love and leadership.  To help women, with limited time, but unlimited love - to do it all.    Paving it forward! 

So Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Streaming Mamas.  Try new things! Be strong! There may be times you think…why?  Raising happy, loved and good people is a hard job, but one that could have an impact on the world!

Founder & CEO Joyce Wells can be contacted at 2-873-8580 or at [email protected]