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Online Workouts that Benefit your Health, the Environment, & Humankind

Melissa Young, Marketing Director for EMG Live Fitness, explains:

Wish you could make it to your kickboxing class on time? Longing for a piloxing studio in your town? With EMG Live Fitness you can experience group fitness by kickboxing, stepping, & flexing from your laptop.  We spend so much time sitting in front of computers and checking tweets on smart phones, a healthier option is to use these devices to exercise more.  EMG Live Fitness is on a mission to make the world healthier with convenient fitness classes available anywhere. Clients in suburban cities don’t always have quick access to Pilates Studios or celebrity trainers.  Busy moms find it hard to make it to the gym and if you are out of shape it can be uncomfortable to exercise in front of other people. Whether you want to catch a group class from home while the kids play or lose weight to gain confidence, you can exercise on your own terms in the privacy of your own home.   

   bosu class

EMG Live Fitness streams live and on-demand fitness classes from studios and gyms in New York, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam at an affordable price that fits your schedule.  Spinning, Piloxing, and specialty workouts are taught by certified instructors. Our instructors come from premier gyms and studios and many have trained celebrities. They have time to answer your workout questions through the chat feature on the EMG Live Fitness site. Have questions after an on-demand fitness session? Email or facebook instructors with your questions.  The key advice we give is to not feel pressured to complete the first class! It is difficult for anyone to finish the entire class the first time so please go easy on yourself.  After a few classes you will be prepared to finish a class. Experience group fitness classes from different studios and you will never get bored!

EMG Live Fitness is a great alternative to DVDs since new fitness classes are added weekly.  Many people don’t realize that DVDs require billions of gallons of oil to manufacture and most DVDs end up in landfills.  When Fitness DVDs break or become too repetitive to watch consumers throw them in the trash. There is no need to purchase fitness DVDs when you can have new fitness classes available online.

If the environmental benefits and convenience of EMG Live Fitness isn’t motivating you to try it, keep in mind that you are helping another person have access to fitness.  When you purchase an online class, EMG Live Fitness gives a class to a shelter or health organization to help those in need find wellness and live healthier.  To learn more please watch: Workout This WAY. 



Due to Copyright laws - we can't post a logo - but Fast Company named us one of the top 10 most innovative companies in fitness.  Called us the Netflix of the e-workout movement.  Read the article here.

Scroll down to # 4 sandwiched between SoulCycle and Zumba - we couldn't be more proud.


When the Couch Tempts, Look to Online Fitness Classes on Your Computer

January 23, 2012, 04:38PM

Some days, the victory isn't counting how many miles you ran, but celebrating that you actually got out the door to do your workout. Don't feel bad — for those days when the couch and TV are much more attractive than a crowded gym, leaving the house is quite an accomplishment.

Knowing that motivation to exercise — or get to the gym — is difficult to maintain, a growing number of companies are now streaming their group fitness classes and workouts online, CNN reported.

Companies like Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE, Yogis Anonymous, DailyBurn, Connect Online Fitness, EMG Live Fitness, and YogaGlo are just some that offer these services. They require that you purchase monthly subscriptions, weekly passes or per class to gain access to their services.

This service may not seem different from following a workout on YouTube or using a workout DVD, but Flirty Girl Fitness founder, Kristen Knee, told CNN that streaming a class online "is always live, always fresh, and you feel like you're there."

Joyce Wells, founder of EMG Live Fitness, said she started her business after realizing how much revenue was in online paid content like Netflix. She had an added incentive to start the business after moving and being disappointed by the local group fitness classes. 

These online services definitely help those who may not feel comfortable going to the gym. If you're worried about missing exercise equipment the gym may provide, the 4-piece ACE FitKit can get you started.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you see it), these online classes make it a lot harder to give in to the tempting calls of your couch and TV.

Would you add these classes into your workout routine?

No Time for the Gym? Sneak in a Workout at Home

It's hard to find an hour to hit the elliptical any time of year, much less over the holidays. Save your precious moments, and try one of these trendy boutique workouts wherever you — and your devices — may be.

By Ava Feuer

EMG Live Fitness

You might love spinning, have trouble imagining life without yoga, and know the importance of lifting weights, but who can afford to pay for all of those specialized classes? Save your precious dough with EMG, which live streams group fitness classes like Piloxing and Sweet Step from New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and more to your home every day. The site also hosts discussion boards and chats for participants to share their experiences, suggestions, and questions.

First class free, $5 per class, $40 for 10 classes, $39.99 per month for unlimited classes, EMG Live Fitness.


Face 4Ward: Celebrating EMG Live Fitness

Face 4Ward is designed to highlight businesses that are making positive impacts not only within their communities but throughout the world.

Every year women are overcoming several odds and making tremendous leaps and bounds. Everything they do must be about balance. Women businesses have been the backbone of this economy due to their leadership-as we have seen in Rosa Parks and Mother Theresa-along with vision, drive and inspiration.

In the first-week of “Celebrating the accomplishments of women-owned businesses” Series meet Joyce Wells a single, 50+, physically-fit woman. She recently left Corporate America as a corporate executive to pursue her dream of being a business owner. In the 70s, as a corporate career woman she began to pave the way for equal rights in the workplace.

Tell us about your business?
I launched EMG Live Fitness in 2011. We are an online fitness studio that provides remote access to a variety of premier group exercise classes, recorded daily at a very affordable price. I have always been a group fitness groupie, fan of video communication and have used these tools for my business. By making premier fitness classes available online, we can enable everyone to get fit and healthy, no matter where you live.

What are some tips that you have for women business owners?
1. Get a mentor. Find yourself someone who you can aspire to be. 
2. Read. Get engaged with similar programs and projects.
3. Understand your audience. Whether they be your boss, your peers or your customers. The rest will follow.

What does it look like for EMG Live Fitness within the near future?
I will be adding significant content and improving the overall customer experience. I would like to get 50,000 members within the next year. I am discovering new ways to market this emerging aspect of the fitness industry. The old ways won’t work anymore; we need to find out how to reach our potential market.

What type of volunteering have you done in addition to being a business owner? 
Primarily I mentor a diversity of mentees.

"I, through EMG Live Fitness, am looking to disrupt the fitness market, by providing high quality unlimited access to fitness classes that were previously limited to physical locations. I am looking to be the “Netflix” of the fitness industry.”

For more contact her at:
973 827 2502


A very well respected news agency posted this article about us online.  Copyright laws prohibit us from posting what it said, but it is good.



You Beauty - DR. Oz's website picks EMG as one of the top 4 online workouts. -

The Beauty of Online Workouts

Get fit in real time and in the convenience of your own home. How easy is that?



 TMagazine highlights EMG Live Fitness as an e-workout pioneer

We can't post a logo or reprint what it said...due to copyright laws...but this is a great referral.






7 'Scary' Exercises Every Women Should Try


From: Kate Marrin

Subject: Re: miss you!!

Date: June 18, 2012 9:43:32 PM EDT

To: Jenifer

I know!  I only get to see you on my computer screen now (my favorite class is 5/14 when you work off your mimosa).  Still taking the on-line classes.  Jenifer, I have to thank you.  I've lost inches and pounds from doing your Barre class regularly at home.  We'll be on Long Island for a good part of the summer visiting with my family.  I'll let you know when I'm back in Westfield.  Miss your in-person energy, but still feel it through my computer screen.  Hope to see you soon.


Take good care.


From: sarah.

Sent: Monday, July 11, 2011 10:07 PM
To: Joyce
Subject: love the site!
Ok, I'm all set for Kick class.  Got the computer set up & rug rolled up to the wood floor in parent's family room!  My sister Debbie & I will be logged on.  Maybe grandma & grandpa (Nana & Nanu) will join in too! I did last week's class on demand and it was awesome.  We even repeated the class on Friday - we were all set for a bike ride when the thunder rolled in, so we pushed aside the kitchen table at my sister's house & sweated it out in the kitchen.  Linoleum floors aren't too good for exercise, but it works well enough!  Liz, I have an awesome pic to send you of all 6 kids following along.
The sound is great, the camera angle is perfect for R/L following, and your interaction is awesome with the folks at home.  I felt like I was looking in on my private club membership. :)  Love it!
On Facebook from Kimberly Easterling:

Just letting you know... again... how much I love yoga!! I'm so glad I found you, I'm really getting into it. When you were gone on vacation I think I did either 3 or 4 of your on-demand classes and they were great! The June 1 routine is my favorite. I did it again yesterday! I like the big variety of poses in one session. Also, I love doing pigeon with the quad stretch at the end and ankle to knee (I think that's what it's called?) after I run. It feels great.

And from Nikki:

Hi Kristin!

The main feedback I have concerning the live stream are positive- I think it's going SO well and I know I personally get a great work out out of it and absolutely have loved incorporating the streams into my weeks.

I'll definitely continue to spread the word about the streams to my fitness community- $5 for an hour's worth of yoga with you is a steal in my opinion!




"Thank you so much Joyce, it worked this time. I am located in Berlin Germany so I dont know if that had anything to do with it  because it was early hours US time.  Before I had my 3 kids (5, 3 and 14 mo) and two back surgeries I was an certified instructor for step, kickbox, ball, and MAT Science. That step class is definitely challenging especially since I am just now getting back into land-based classes after my last surgery a year ago but I hope mastering that class is something I can do again. I have to walk a lot every day here in Berlin because of taking the kids to school and picking them up which has really helped my back. I've come a long way. Step is my first love and hard to find locally in the time frame I have available. I am so excited to have found this site (through the article) and can't wait to try the other classes. Thank you for making this available to us busy moms!!!"

All the best,


"I saw the article about your site on CNN today. Congrats on the great press.

I admire women entrepeneurs such as yourself. Plus I hate going to the gym, so you are my hero. Keep up the great work."


Los Angeles


" I'll be purchasing a bosu ball soon so I can try that class... looks great!"

- Megan A


"Hey there,

Just "liked" EMC Live Fittness and explored the site.  Aesthetics and navigation of the site look great!  With so many TVs/DVDs now pumping through web content, the timing of your company should be great.  I can full imagine doing a class in front of my TV or on my PC while traveling.  Really nicely done!

Talk to you soon and again, great job with EMG!"