Fitness by the Stars

We bring this to you from my friend and trusted astorolger, CJ Wright, exclusively for EMG!


Fitness Forecast for January 2013

Ever wonder why so many people join the gym or start a diet as part of their New Year’s resolutions and soon fall off the wagon?

January starts off in Capricorn, symbolized by the goat that is always climbing toward the top of the mountain. The Sun in resolute Capricorn gives us that extra determination to set and reach our fitness goals.

Around January 20th, when the Sun moves into social-minded Aquarius, we may lose that sense of personal urgency. The celestial focus shifts from work (or working out) to friendly relationships.

It takes at least three weeks to make a new habit permanent. Don’t give up! Press on through week four and start feeling and seeing the results you aim for.

Mars, the planet that gets us up and moving, is in the friendly sign of Aquarius until February 3rd. Until then, Mars places a physical focus on the calves, shins, ankles and the circulatory system. Fitness foes to be on the lookout for include shin splints, sprained ankles, and leg cramps.

Deep breathing oxygenates the blood and keeps it moving, an essential for good circulation.

Dietary Boosts ~ Cayenne pepper and ginger are two of Mars’ warming herbs that are believed to boost circulation. Throw a chipotle chocolate bar or a few Chinese ginger candies in your bag for a quick lift.

Capricorn Energy Drink
Recipe makes one 8 oz. drink

3/4 cup water
1/4 cup blackberry juice*
1/2  tbsp. Molasses*
Dash of sea salt

*Molasses and blackberries are foods of Capricorn.
Molasses are a great source of minerals and
blackberries have antioxidant properties.

Sun Sign Fitness Forecast

If you know your Ascendant/Rising Sign, be sure to read that forecast, too. The Ascendant/first house is a health house, with a focus on the physical body.

Aries ~ You’re a networking master this month, Aries, sharing goals with like-minded pals. Group activities are your cup of tea right now. Have you considered taking part in a charity walk this year? Now’s the perfect time to sign up for an event.

Taurus ~ All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl. Don’t let long hours on the clock interfere with your health. It takes a healthy body to reach the goals you’re focused on, after all. The Bull is known for stamina, but even you need an occasional break. Strong muscles make strong bones, so don’t forget your strength training.

Gemini ~ If your regular workout is getting dull, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. You’re energy has been focused on major transformations recently, so keep the goal in sight. Aim for success. It’s
getting closer and closer.

Cancer ~ Listen to that little voice that whispers yes, I can, yes, I can. You have an amazing ability to take on big goals now. Start training for a marathon? Yes, you can! Overcome those plateaus? Yes, you can! You’ve got powerful reserves to see you through. Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right. Believe that you can!

Leo ~ Which special partner is on your mind these days, dear Leo? You’re pulled in two directions. One part of you wants to snuggle in and the other part of you wants to run with the wolves. It’s about keeping life balanced and centered. A little of this, some of that. Nothing to excess. The middle way is the best way now.

Virgo ~ You are what you eat. No one knows that better than you, Virgo. How did you handle all the holiday stress? Did you overindulge in holiday goodies and now you’re feeling out of sorts? Bring yourself back to normal by paying close attention to what supports and what depletes your energy. Does the term “alternative therapy” ring a bell? It may be just what the doctor

Libra ~ If ever there was a time to indulge your playful childlike side, it’s now. Engaging in team sports is sure to get your blood moving again. You’re young no matter how old you are! You can make team sports (or a little one on one) not only fun, but loving. Keep it fun, and enjoy!

Scorpio ~ How many guests can you handle at once?! If you’re home has become flooded with an assortment of friends and family, enlist them to take part in a group run through the neighborhood. Perhaps you’ve been thinking of a home gym of your own? Create a dedicated space in your home for your daily practice.

Sagittarius ~ Do you keep a fitness journal? Make notes on how your body is affecting your emotions and vice versa. If you’ve felt scattered and restless, record keeping might be just the trick for staying on track.

Capricorn ~ The sun is shining brightly on you now, Capricorn, placing you in the celestial spotlight. This is the time of year when you should be absolutely glowing. Take extra care of your skin now. Keep salt scrubs handy to slough dead skin and follow up with a rich, penetrating moisturizer. Find some gentle knee exercises to keep you strong and mobile.

Aquarius ~ With Mars in your sign for the rest of the month, you have extra stores of energy and seem to be indefatigable. You can run faster and jump higher than you’ve been able to in a while. Mars can expect too much of you or push too hard at times, so know and honor your boundaries.

Pisces ~ Sleep is a great healer, Pisces, and a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t felt like hitting the gym. A little R&R is exactly what you need to build up your reserves. Mars will be moving into your sign on February 3rd. You’ll be expending loads of energy then. But now, make sure you have plenty of rest.


CJ Wright is a counseling astrologer and writes the popular blog, Auntie Moon. Visit her online for tips on living in sync with the Moon, the signs, and the seasons.