Fitness Forecast

February Fitness Forecast

It’s time to mix up your workout! Strech out and branch out with something new.

The month starts off with the sun in Aquarius, the sign of invention and experimentation. If your fitness routine is feeling a little dull and uninspiring, change it up to rev it up.

On the 18th, the  Sun moves into dreamy, mystical Pisces. The spirit/body connection will take on more importance and it becomes all about the flow.

Mars, the motivator, joins the Sun in imaginative Pisces on the 1st and stays there until March 13th. While in Pisces, Mars enjoys gentle yoga and swimming. If a pool is not available, long soaks in the tub will satisfy the Pisces desire to be in or near the water. Pisces is moved by music, so get a great groove going with uplifting, rhythmic music that feeds your body and soul.

Fitness Foes

Mars turns his attention to our feet as he travels through Pisces. Fitness foes to be on the alert for are blisters, toe injuries, athlete’s foot rash, gout, stress fractures, neuropathy, plantar faciitis, heel spurs, and bad-fitting or worn out workout shoes. Don’t skimp on the right shoes for your workout and be sure your shoes give your arches the support they need.

Pisces is one of the water signs, along with Cancer and Scorpio. The water signs have a tendency to bloat, so watch your salt intake. Check the ingredients on all your sports drinks and don’t overload on sodium.

By the Signs
If you know your Rising Sign, read that forecast, too.
You'll get a more complete picture of what February holds for you.


Aries ~ February brings relative ease as long as you keep the train/rest balance in the right ratio. Mars in Pisces might lull you into slacking off a bit in favor of wining and dining this month, but your fiery nature knows how to kick it up and resist overindulging. February has the potential to be a 4-star month for you.
Taurus ~ Step out of your comfort zone to conquer those long-lived obstacles you’ve been wanting to get past. Mars in Pisces is a natural to give you a behind-the-scenes boost, especially after the 19th.
Gemini ~ You may feel like you’re struggling all month, Gemini, especially after the 18th. Gaining ground is more likely in the first part of the month while the sun is in Aquarius. After the 18th, try a low-key approach and hold steady.
Cancer ~ Being a water sign yourself, Mars in Pisces is almost second nature to you. Adjustment to your routines in the early part of February allows an even easier flow after the 18th. You feel a little like Goldilocks looking for just the right chair. You’ll find it.
Leo ~ The cosmic tide will test your physical patience this month, Leo. Out of sync and at cross purposes seems to be the daily routine. There’s an opportunity for major breakthroughs, though. You just have to know what has served you in the past that isn’t working for you anymore. Let it go.
Virgo ~ Virgo is known for its sensitive constitution. Stress and emotional upsets can show up in physical ways that may have you scratching your head or, at least, rubbing that delicate tummy of yours. This is a good month for R&R. Find a Pisces pal and just kick back.
Libra ~ Keep the idea of “grace” in your mind this month, Libra, or you could find yourself feeling like a real klutz. Read the fitness foes for this month again and keep an eye out for anything that can trip you up. Stubbed or broken toes will keep you on the sidelines.
Scorpio ~ February can be a really good month for Scorpio, especially after the 18th when the sun brings ease to your own sign. Enjoyment is the key to your workouts this month. Youth and vigor are the results of actually making your workouts fun.
Sagittarius ~ The grass is always greener to Sagittarius. What seems like a good change of pace for you in the early part of the month may be tougher than you thought. You might be irked by plateaus that you want to push past. Plateaus are just the body’s way of saying it’s time to readjust. Idle your motor for a while.
Capricorn ~ February is a lovely month for you, Capricorn. You are definitely in the groove in your workouts and feeling like Rocky. You can set the bar higher this month and barely even notice.
Aquarius ~ You’ve got the Sun and Mars in your corner all month. If you’re looking to start a diet or you’re just beginning a fitness routine, you’ll have cosmic support all month, and especially after the New Moon in Aquarius on the 10th. You won’t have this lucky opportunity again for two years, so cash in while you can.
Pisces ~ With Mars fueling your Sun, Pisces, you have everything you need to make giant strides this month. You aren’t just motivated, you want to lead your own classes! After the 18th, you’ll feel like the world is your oyster. Be extra aware of this month’s fitness foes, though, because your feet are likely to need some extra attention. Take good care of them. If your feet hurt, you hurt all over.

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This forecast is for entertainment purposes only. The author is not a a licensed physician, nutritionist or medical doctor. Always get your doctor's advice when making dietary changes, before beginning a new exercise regime, and as medical conditions arise.