Tips for Exercising at Home


Working out at Home is such a convenience.  With these tips from fellow members, we hope that you can get a great workout.  Please submit any additional tips you have and we will add them. 

1)  Workouts should be done in an adequate space to provide full range of motion for your entire body. Be aware of your environment before attempting a class. Classes such as Cardio Dance or On the Ball may be best performed on a hard wood floor if possible, but I have a Berber rug, and have a great time. Any equipment used on the floor should be tested first to make sure it stays in place and does not move when pressure is applied such as a STEP, bike, Bosu or a yoga mat.. 

2) Keep in mind that the instructor cueing the class does not see your environment and cannot make necessary recommendations. 

3) Have a filled water bottle a towel, etc at hand.  If you leave your workout area to get water or anything additional, you may get distracted and not come back.   

4) You are working out at home, have fun, try something you wouldn’t have if you were in class.  GO FOR IT!  If you can't get the steps, make up your own.  Join again when you can get them.  If you are taking an on-demand class, you can try it over and over for 24 hours, play it again SAM !!.  I got LIz's steps by going back again.  I am a pro now.

5) DISTRACTIONS - BALANCE.  You are working out at home because of the convenience.  If the phone rings...and you don't have to take it, DON'T.  Don't give in to temptation.  If you were at the gym, you wouldn't hear it.  However, there is a balance.  If you are working and taking some time to workout and they need to reach you, at least you got a partial work out in. 

6) Be Careful!.  You are probably home alone or with small children.  Get a great workout but be careful  Have a phone nearby, just in case.


TIPS for setting up the perfect place to work out from home:

  1. Sound – If you can, link your computer/laptop/smartphone – however you are linking to us, to your stereo.  If your computer has really good speakers…great.  We spent a great deal of time getting the sound to be like you are in the room, and can hear the instructor – You can use the same cord that you use to connect your IPOD to your stereo.  On the laptop/computer there is a headphones out jack and the stereo usually has auxiliary input. 
  2. Video – Go to You Tube for some instructional videos which will depend on your computer, laptop and TV or monitor.  Basically your will have an HDMI cable or the component (which is the yellow, red and white cables) out from your computer to your monitor. 
  3. Set up the Monitor either straight ahead or to the side of you.  I personally like it to the side.  The experience is more of front row to the side of the instructor.  Experiment as to what works for you.