(CNN) -- It's miserable outside. The whole world is a depressing gray color that just makes you want to lie on the couch and watch reruns of "Sex and the City."

You don't have time to pack your gym bag, drop off the kids, drive to the fitness studio, shower and change, pick up the kids and get back home before dinner.

Plus, you're really tired of floor mats that reek and that woman in the back row who always steps left instead of right, effectively knocking you down on your out-of-shape gluteus maximus.

Nearly 20% of all TVs worldwide will be connected to the Internet by 2016, according to Digital TV Research, which will make it even easier for online fitness videos to infiltrate America's living rooms.

So Wells launched EMG Live Fitness, an Internet-based fitness studio that streams classes from instructors across the country. There's no subscription for Wells' site; classes are bought for $5 apiece

Put bluntly, there are no more excuses.


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From: sarah.

Sent: Monday, July 11, 2011 10:07 PM
To: Joyce
Subject: love the site!
Ok, I'm all set for Kick class.  Got the computer set up & rug rolled up to the wood floor in parent's family room!  My sister Debbie & I will be logged on.  Maybe grandma & grandpa (Nana & Nanu) will join in too! I did last week's class on demand and it was awesome.  We even repeated the class on Friday - we were all set for a bike ride when the thunder rolled in, so we pushed aside the kitchen table at my sister's house & sweated it out in the kitchen.  Linoleum floors aren't too good for exercise, but it works well enough!  Liz, I have an awesome pic to send you of all 6 kids following along.
The sound is great, the camera angle is perfect for R/L following, and your interaction is awesome with the folks at home.  I felt like I was looking in on my private club membership. :)  Love it!
On Facebook from Kimberly Easterling:

Just letting you know... again... how much I love yoga!! I'm so glad I found you, I'm really getting into it. When you were gone on vacation I think I did either 3 or 4 of your on-demand classes and they were great! The June 1 routine is my favorite. I did it again yesterday! I like the big variety of poses in one session. Also, I love doing pigeon with the quad stretch at the end and ankle to knee (I think that's what it's called?) after I run. It feels great.

And from Nikki:

Hi Kristin!

The main feedback I have concerning the live stream are positive- I think it's going SO well and I know I personally get a great work out out of it and absolutely have loved incorporating the streams into my weeks.

I'll definitely continue to spread the word about the streams to my fitness community- $5 for an hour's worth of yoga with you is a steal in my opinion!




"Thank you so much Joyce, it worked this time. I am located in Berlin Germany so I dont know if that had anything to do with it  because it was early hours US time.  Before I had my 3 kids (5, 3 and 14 mo) and two back surgeries I was an certified instructor for step, kickbox, ball, and MAT Science. That step class is definitely challenging especially since I am just now getting back into land-based classes after my last surgery a year ago but I hope mastering that class is something I can do again. I have to walk a lot every day here in Berlin because of taking the kids to school and picking them up which has really helped my back. I've come a long way. Step is my first love and hard to find locally in the time frame I have available. I am so excited to have found this site (through the article) and can't wait to try the other classes. Thank you for making this available to us busy moms!!!"

All the best,


"I saw the article about your site on CNN today. Congrats on the great press.

I admire women entrepeneurs such as yourself. Plus I hate going to the gym, so you are my hero. Keep up the great work."


Los Angeles


" I'll be purchasing a bosu ball soon so I can try that class... looks great!"

- Megan A


"Hey there,

Just "liked" EMC Live Fittness and explored the site.  Aesthetics and navigation of the site look great!  With so many TVs/DVDs now pumping through web content, the timing of your company should be great.  I can full imagine doing a class in front of my TV or on my PC while traveling.  Really nicely done!

Talk to you soon and again, great job with EMG!"