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Instructor: Liz Clingham Level: Beginner Cost: $2.00

Fit-it-In30 min

“Fit-it-In is a fitness program developed for busy moms, by a busy mom.  Liz Clingham is an experienced and inspirational fitness professional and mother of two. She has developed a new program called Fit-it-In, designed to allow Moms the chance to fit their workout into the daily grind.  The MOM that participates in this program will improve her functional fitness, but also, and maybe more importantly, have her feel attractive, sexy and a chance to get her mojo back.  Moms need to take care of themselves and set a good example to raise a healthy family.   This program uses the Mom’s own body and normal household items as her equipment.  Liz has released 3 progressive classes.   Liz has decided to give this class away for free for the summer.  A way to allow everyone to stay on track this summer easily.

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