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Cardio Bar

Love spin sessions and bosu classes? Ever try piloxing? Experience an online workout. Our instructors train college students, working moms, and celebrities.  If you have questions about your workout our instructors can be contacted via EMG live chat and email.  Here's the EMG breakdown:

bosu class

A. Goal - Just Starting Out

First and foremost - Check with your doctor...however,...I am going to assume many of you are here because your doctor has told you to exercise more.

Secondly - No one ever starts out being able to take the class all the way through the first time...or even the second.  Remember to work your way up to the full class. 


Bosu Class - Don't use the Bosu - Do the class without equipment.  Try it 4 times without weights...then add in small amounts.

Barre - No equipment, just work your way up

Spin - yes, spinning...this can be easily modified and a great calorie burning class

Simple Tone - 1/2 hour toning class.  Take this class 3 times a week and you will be feeling strong very soon

Yoga and Pilates - Use blocks and a stretching strap.  Take this class slow and you will be more flexible in no time.



As with anything...the more your put into it the more you get out. - These classes burn upward of 500 calories an hour.  But it depends on you.  Using your heart rate monitor will help you determine your aerobic heart rate zone.

Spin - Maximum calorie burning class.  Use your heart rate monitor and you will burn maximum calories

Piloxing - Combo of Pilates and Boxing - This class will keep your heart rate up because your will use all your muscles all the time.

Bosu - When you use a Bosu Ball or a Step for this class, you will get your heart rate up.  1/2 hour of aerobics and 1/2 hour of toning

Kickboxing - Very straightforward class - keep your back straight and put some ooomph in those punches and kicks



These are all progressive classes - Start light and work your way up. 

V-Core - Barefoot Balance using your own weight to challenge body parts.

Barre - Barefoot - Strengthen - Tone

Bosu - 1/2 hour aerobics and 1/2 hour toning.

Simple Tone - Add weights to make it as challenging as you would like.