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Instructor: LB Kass Level: Beginner Cost: $2.00

LB Kass DanceBody 1 hour 00 min

LB Kass' DanceBody class incorporates key elements from her 3 signature workouts: Danzenergy, Spice and Yollet, into one exciting and fun 60 minute fitness journey.  LB Kass DanceBody features original choreography and dance technique whle delivering a full body workout that burns major calories.  You can follow her and two other instructrs as they demonstrate the low, medium and high impact class.  Which one you take is up to you. 

 The class kicks off in high gear wth vibrant, sexy and fun Danzenergy routines to a pulsating soundtrack that will keep a smile on your face.  You then transition into Latin inspired choreography that really ramps up your energy level as you shimmy and shake to LB's exciting routines.  You'll then tone and tighten with LB's beautiful yoga inspired ballet movements in Yollet that will help transform your body.  As the stress of the day melts away, you'll feel rejuvenated and inspired with a new oulook on life.  LB Kass' DanceBody Workout is the ultimate dance fitness class.

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